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8 Clips Round Hanger



  • Material: Plastic;
  • Adjustable hook allows you to hang it anywhere.
  • 10clips provide ample hanging space for underwear, bras, lingerie, hosiery, swimsuits and other fine delicates you do not want to expose to a machine dryer.
  • Fashion design,100% Brand New And High quality!

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Drying racks come in many forms. Here are some common types. Folding balcony lift it is a kind of drying rack that is installed on the balcony, which reduces the drying rod by hand or electric method, and then lifts the clothes and then raises the drying rod. This product is suitable for use in the balcony of homes and dormitories. Folding wall mount the wallmounted wallmounted drying rack is mounted on the wall. The installation height is generally on the person’s chest. The design should be able to be put up and down. It should be placed against the wall when it is put down. It does not take up space and should be played when the clothes are to be dried. These drying racks are short for hotels, dormitories, hospital wards, family rooms, and more. Long for outdoor use, such as villas or houses with yards. Folding floor the floorstanding floorstanding drying rack is a kind of drying rack that is directly placed on the ground. Currently, there are several types of xshaped, butterflyshaped (also known as airfoil) and horizontal bar parallel bars. Suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoor. Folding stretch the stretchtype drying rack is also mounted on the wall. It can be pressed against the wall at ordinary times and pulled open to dry the clothes. Suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoor. No matter the type of clothes rack, but its main function is to use clothes, everyone should be practical when purchasing. Specifications: multifunctional hanging clip rack. 8 clips on 1 clothes rack, this clip rack is useful. Keep your towel or socks neat and tidy, saving valuable space in wardrobe. Type: clip rack material: plastic functions: towel clip, clothes clip, socks clip features: towel hanger, holder, useful tool, multifunctional size: 21cm x 11cm

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