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Clothes Stain Remover – Roll Bead Design ( အစွန်းချွတ်ဆေး)



  • 【Safe, Powerful & Fast】 – The professional, commercial grade formula is safe around kids & pets. Its lightning fast action erases stains from clothing, bibs, carpets, auto & furniture upholstery
  • 【Effectively Remove All Kinds Of Stains】It can be used for food stains, cosmetic stains, beverages (coffee, tea, wine, milk, cola, etc.), ketchup, oil stains, etc. It is practical and easy to use.
  • 【Ideal For Emergency Stain Removal】It is very suitable for outdoor stains, such as sudden stains caused by work, parties, camping, etc. Convenient and compact design, easy to carry around, it can save you from the embarrassing situation of dirty clothes.
  • 【1 Minute Decontamination】It only takes 1 minute to solve any stain-related problems! Rollback and forth with the stain remover on the stained area, and the stain will immediately disappear without a trace.
  • 【Safe Use】This stain remover is specially developed to deal with all kinds of stains. It is safe and gentle on the skin, has no corrosive effect on the fabric, will not harm your fabric, and will not affect the beautiful color of the clothes.

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Item weight   1.76fl.oz

Brand   uenktlichkei

Liquid volume   50 Milliliters

Specific uses for product   Stain Remover

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